Basic Needs Online Assessment Survey

This online assessment survey is designed
to help individuals choose effective thoughts
and actions by analyzing detailed needs
based on the 5 Basic Needs
of Choice Theory.

Characteristics of the Assessment Survey

Breakdown of your 5 Basic Needs into 15 Elements

The survey will run an analysis by further subdividing your 5 Basic Needs into 15 elements.
For example, the need for power is divided into achievement, approval, contribution, and competition*. This survey will provide an analysis of these 15 elements in detail.

Clarify key findings that need to be addressed

The survey will clarify findings by analyzing the persons level of “Desire”, “Focus”, and “Reality”. The numerical values of the 15 elements are displayed on a scale of 1-100.

"Desire" -
The level of desire that the person originally holds
"Focus" -
The amount of time and energy you spend to satisfy that need
"Reality" -
The degree to which the desire is now satisfied

Tailored recommendations for effective needs satisfaction

Tailored recommendations and advice are provided based on the numerical results to help satisfy each need and continue to make good effective choices of thinking and acting.

Run the PDCA cycle with a periodic checkup to optimize needs satisfaction

Although your overall balance of needs are essentially the same, the degree to which the desire is satisfied will change as you progress. This survey can be best utilized to run a periodic check and evaluation of your current thinking and actions to make sure you are making the most effective choices.

More than 20,000 people have used this assessment tool.

More than 20,000 people have used and benefitted from the Basic Needs Survey since its release in 2007. Since then, constant improvements have been made to improve the accuracy and relevancy of the survey and survey results.

We recommend
this survey
for those seeking to...

  • Make more use of the practical applications of Choice Theory in their daily life.
  • Know exactly what his/her Basic Needs profile is.
  • Know how to think and act more effectively to satisfy their personal needs.
  • Know more about the needs of their loved ones or someone important.
  • Want to play an effective role to fulfill other’s needs.

The procedure is simple.

  1. Membership registration

    Enter your e-mail address and register from the URL included in the email.

  2. Purchase

    The survey assessment token (for 1 assessment) can each be purchased for 2,200 Japanese Yen. The assessment token can be given as a gift to your partner after purchase.

  3. Answer

    There are 225 questions in a selection answer format.

  4. Check Results

    The results are saved in PDF or JPEG format and can be printed or exported at any time.